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 General information on the Society

The Czech Musicological Society (Česká společnost pro hudební vědu, o.s.) was founded in 1990, and up to 2000 was member of the Association of Musicians and Musicologists (AHUV). Its members are musicologists living, working and studying in the Czech Republic, and also abroad. Its aim is to help to create conditions for the continuation and development of musicological research and the presentation of its results. To support this aim, the Czech Musicological Society regularly organizes scholarly conferences and student research competitions, links with other musicological and music organizations at home and abroad, supports specialist interests of its members, and issues publications.

The Board of the Society

In 2021, the Committee of the Czech Musicological Society consisted of 
Mgr. Jan Baťa, Ph.D.  (President),  doc. Mgr. Jana Spáčilová, Ph.D. (vice-President), Mgr. Petr Lyko, Ph.D. (vice-President), PhDr. Markéta Kabelková, Ph.D. (Treasurer),
Prof. Mgr. MgA. Jiří Bezděk, Ph.D., Mgr. Jan Blüml, Ph.D., Mgr. Jiří Höhn, Mgr. Petr Kalina Ph.D. (members of the Committee);
prof. PhDr. Alena Burešová, CSc., Prof. PhDr. Karel Steinmetz, CSc., doc. PhDr. Věra Šustíková, Ph.D. (audit comittee).

Members of the Committee of the Czech Musicological Society gather regularly several times a year. The minutes of the meetings are available at the Czech Musicological Society office.



The activities of the Czech Musicological Society are funded by grants from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Czech Music Fund Foundation, Ethnological Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic – Department of Music History and from the membership fees.


Activities of the Czech Musicological Society


The Annual Conference of the Czech Musicological Society

The international annual conference takes place every year in Prague and is focused on one or more topics.

The subjects of the recent conferences:

2001: Musical lexicography

2002: New findings about the music in Czech lands since earliest times until 1622

2003: Criticism

2004: Czech musicology in the third millennium

2005: Collegium musicorum – musical associations through the history

2006: How to write the history of music? Problems of theory and methodology of the historiography of music

2007: New outcomes of Czech musicological research

2008 Phenomenon of sponsorship in music culture / Kabeláč – Ištvan (Fenomén mecenášství v hudební kultuře / Kabeláč – Ištvan)

2009: Händel – Haydn – Mendelssohn and their “second life” in Czech lands and Slovakia in 18th and 19th centuries

2010: Systematic musicology / Collections and collecting of music in relation to museums and archival work

2011: The work of music, its interpretation, performance and performers

2012: Regional studies in music / Early music in new times

2013: Spiritual music / Music of Slavonic intercommunity / Music after 1989




The edition of the third volume of the Miscellanea z výročních konferencí ČSHV 2006 a 2007 [The Czech Musicological Society Annual 2006 and 2007 Conference Miscellanies] (edited by Jan Baťa), was prepared in 2008; it was financially supported by the Ethnological Institute of the Academy of Sciences and the Czech Music Fund Foundation, and published by the AGORA publishing house by the date of the 2008 annual conference. Also the new, up-to-date edition of the handbook Kdo je kdo v současné české muzikologii [Who is who in the current Czech musicology] (edited by Kateřina Hnátová), was published in 2010.

In the Czech Musicological Society office are available the following issues of the Society publications:

Miscellanea z výročních konferencí 1999–2000 (Prague 2001), Miscellanea z výročních konferencí 2001–2005 (Prague 2006), Miscellanea z výročních konferencí ČSHV 2006 a 2007 (Prague 2008) and the third edition of the handbook Kdo je kdo v současné české muzikologii (Prague 2006).

In 2012, Czech Musicological Society started publication of the peer-reviewed journal Muzikologické fórum (Musicological forum), containing papers on various aspects of the musicological research as well as reviews of new musicological publications and other information. The journal is published twice a year.

The Student research competition was renewed in 2011 and will take place every two years. The competition is meant to enable students of musicology and other related disciplines to present their papers publicly and to gain a feedback from experienced colleagues.

General meeting of the Czech Musicological Society

The general meetings of the Czech Musicological Society take place during the annual conference of the society. During this meeting, the Committee presents the annual report, review of activities and of the financial situation of the Society. General meeting is also used to vote new members of the Committee and honorary members of the Society.